Holmen’s Kornfest


The weather may feel like September, but summer festivals are still going strong. This weekend is Holmen’s Kornfest.

On Saturday, there is a fireworks display, car show, corn-on-the-cob, music, carnival, fun run, bingo, tractor pull, and a parade.

Plus, the Holmen Lutheran Church has a pie & ice cream tent.

Schedule of Events:

Questions – call the Holmen American Legion at 608-526-4444.

Friday – August 16, 2013
6pm – 1am: Carnival (5pm – 9pm: Wristband Day)
6pm: Sandwich Tent Opens
6pm – Midnight: Beer Garden
8pm – Midnight: Trouble Shooter
9pm: Fireworks at Viking Field. Bring your lawn chairs.
Mens & Women’s softball tournaments – Deerwood Park
(No Chicken or Corn on Friday)

Saturday – August 17, 2013
8am: St. Elizabeth 10K and 2 mile Fun Run (entry 7am)
9am: Volleyball tournament class B
10:30am – 1am: Carnival
11am: Phil Wall classic horseshoe tournament (singles)
11am: Kornfest Parade
After Parade: YMCA Dancers and Julie’s School of Dance
Noon: Food serving begins
1pm: Bingo
8pm – Midnight: Last Call
Men’s & Women’s softball tournaments – Deerwood Park
Holmen Lutheran Church pie & ice cream tent

Sunday – August 18, 2013
7am – 11am: St. Elizabeth breakfast
8am – 4pm: Kornfest Car Show & Swap Meet – Middle School grounds
10:30am: Grounds open
10:30 – 11pm: Carnival (Noon – 4pm: Wristband Day)
11am: Food serving begins
11am: Phil Wall classic horseshoe tournament (doubles)
1pm: Bingo
1pm – 5pm: Trouble Shooter
5pm – 6:30px: LoCash Cowboys
7pm – 8:30pm: Jason Michael Carroll
Men’s & Women’s softball tournaments – Deerwood Park
Holmen Lutheran Church pie & ice cream tent

If you have a recommendation for us about Kornfest, contact us!

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Perseid meteor shower

martin1_0_0This weekend is when the annual Perseid meteor shower will be at its best viewing stage. The peak will be visible Sunday night into Monday morning, with about 70 meteors an hour those evenings.

We have our lawn chairs ready. Do you?

Fun fact: Perseid meteors are particles from the debris trail on the comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle and hit the Earth’s atmosphere moving 132,000 miles per hour. The shower, nicknamed the “Fireball Champion,” produces more meteors than any other annual shower and is typically bright enough at its peak to be seen in areas that suffer some light pollution.

One great place to view it will be at Brady’s Bluff shelter building at Perrot State Park. They will host this wonderful star gazing opportunity and it is best to call the park office at 608 534-6409 and ask for the program times. A helpful hint is to take your time walking up the Bluff.  Bring a flashlight to help with the hike down.

If hiking isn’t your thing, the best way to see them is to get out of the city and away from lights. The rule of thumb is that you should be able to see all the stars of the Big Dipper — seven stars if you are counting.  Also, give yourself enough darkness to catch the shooting stars. And give your eyes an hour to adjust.

Everything you need to know (via Earthsky)

How to get the best view (via The Guardian)

Send us your Perseid pictures to share!

Have a great day!

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Grandad Bluff

Morgan here.
A couple weeks ago, my husband and I hiked around Grandad Bluff. I was so excited to get out and explore the area more. We prepared by putting on our sunscreen, hydrating, and spraying with bug spray.
We have driven up the bluff many times for the beautiful view and Ben has rode his bike up, but this time we wanted to hike up.
Grandad bluff
We ended up not finding one trail, but a lot of little bluffside hiking trails. Some of them are not easy and can become very scary for the average hiker, however, there are a fewbeginner level trails that have a nice overlook that is different from the main one at the top.
Grandad bluffGrandad bluff
There were also many brightly colored flowers along the trail!
Grandad bluff
The bluff is beautiful and being deep into the wilderness really puts you at peace. After a few hours of being adventurous I was exhausted so Ben gave in and we left the bluff for the day.
Then we went to our new favorite local ice cream shop, Ranison Ice Cream and Candy in La Crosse. They have amazing hand dipped ice cream in all different kinds of flavors. We treated ourselves to our choice along with a locally brewed root beer. We come from a small town and we love the small town hidden gems in the area. Overall, we enjoyed ourselves and had a fantastic Sunday. We are excited to keep trying new hiking trails.
If anyone has any suggestions feel free to contact me!