Kitchen storage solution

collageWhile touring a new listing we have (shameless plug here), there was something special about their kitchen.

It wasn’t the wall-long cupboards or plentiful counter space.

It was their storage solutions.

No one likes to have that one drawer full of spatulas and other utensils that is always the hardest to open.

Nor does anyone like having vases full of them eating up counter space.

Solution: A peg board.

These owners used a peg board built-in next to their fridge to store all of those utensils. Brilliant.

It keeps everything out of a drawer and off the counter, but easily accessible.


They also used the same idea on the back of their basement door. It is an unused space that many forget about.

They had the pegboard attached to the back of the door and baskets with those awkward items to store, like electric mixers, oven mitts, and graters.

Do you have a great kitchen or home storage solution? Send us pictures!

La Crosse Fine Homes Group, LLC., of Keller Williams Realty