Solution: Dining room carpet + kids

Carpet in the dining room doesn’t have to equal a stained carpet. You don’t have to hound every human or animal that may eat there, running around with a glove to intercept any morsel before it drops to the ground.

Spilling happens to everyone.

After touring a recent listing, we’ve found a genius idea: Interlocking foam squares on the floor.

Carpet solution

The residents have young children, one still in a high chair, and beige carpet in the dining room. They flipped them upside down so the smooth, black side was face up, which might be better than the colorful option and might be easier to clean.

This solution might also work for pets whose food/water dishes are on carpet.

We work with many buyers who have concerns about carpet in that particular room because they don’t want to have to worry about spilling, stains and cleaning.

Makes sense. I don’t want to have to get down on my hands and knees to clean/scrub the floor after every meal. I’m usually too much in a food coma to think of much else.

When buyers come across cosmetic details they don’t like (carpet in the dining room, paint color, etc.) we often try to find a simple solution like this. Why pass up on a house because of something you can change?

Yes, you can put in hardwood floors or just remove the carpet later on, but a short-term solution is nice.

Seeing the squares on the floor induced a forehead slap moment. Why didn’t I think of that?

After learning the hard way, the residents came up with this simple solution. Just a few squares later, and accidents weren’t hard to clean up. The squares are easy to wipe up with a wet washcloth and for larger messes, the individual squares can be removed for easier clean up.

Liquids don’t soak in, wet foods don’t stain and dry foods don’t need a vacuum for removal.

If one square gets ruined or chewed up by the dog, they are easy to repair, whereas the carpet would need to be replaced.

When the squares are no longer needed, it won’t take an entire afternoon to remove them.

Those foam squares can save many headaches and its one I’m going to remember.

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