Winter selling tips

Have you put your home up for sale? Are you worried about showings during the winter? Here are some tips on how to prepare a little extra for a winter home showing:

Have a parking plan: Make sure the showing agent knows where the best place to park is. If you have a driveway, shovel. If you have a path to your front door, shovel. If you have a sidewalk, shovel!

Turn on the lights: Counter winter’s cloudy and short days by turning on all of the lights in a home for each showing. Have the front lights on even if there aren’t any showings that night in case someone drives by.

Have a place for shoes: Prospective buyers may arrive at the front door with shoes coated in snow or salt. You could have slippers or disposable booties available, along with a bench or chair, if there is room for one, where a visitor can sit and easily remove or put on their boots.

Watch for odors: Homes can get stuffy in the winter. Use a room fragrance if needed, but nothing too strong. Cleaning more often than you think you should is also good.

Don’t make it too toasty: Keep the temperature at a comfortable 65 degrees during your showings (although keep in mind that a comfortable temperature for your thermostat can vary form house to house.) Potential buyers will most likely be wearing their winter coats when they tour the house so no reason to make them sweat.

Are you still on the fence about putting your home on the market during the winter? Give us a call and we can talk!

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