November 2013 home sales

Yes, it is closer to 2014 then last month, but the November 2013 Wisconsin housing stats just came out!

Here are the state’s numbers:


Compare that to the West region:

localMore specifically, here is the La Crosse County home sales report for November:

la crosse la crosse 2

There are plenty of homes on the market. Feel free to see for yourself and give us a call!

Wisconsin home sales fell 6 percent in November 2013 when compared to November 2012, although total sales for the year remain ahead of 2012, according to the latest housing report by the Wisconsin REALTORS® Association (WRA). Comparing the first 11 months, home sales were up 11.1 percent in 2013 over 2012. Prices were also higher in November, rising 4.7 percent above the same month last year, to a statewide median of $136,000.

It could be due to higher mortgage rates, steady rising home prices, or a heightened uncertainty of federal fiscal and health care policies as potential factors for the cool down. The combination of a short-lived partial federal government shutdown in October and continued uncertainty associated with anticipated health care expenses may have kept some potential buyers on the sidelines in November.

Despite all that news, many realtors still feel the market is still good. 

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