Why sell now?


We posted earlier on why you should buy a home during winter , but there are just as many reasons to list your home during the same season. We posted 17 reasons, but wanted to touch on one of them.

If you are looking to be a buyer during the spring season, now might be the time to list.

Not only is the stress from the holiday gone, but there is a little bit of down time before spring break comes around.

When spring comes, there will be many new buyers flooding the market and multiple offers on one home. If you are a non contingent buyer, meaning you don’t have to sell your home in order to buy, it makes an offer more enticing to sellers.

So, if you can sell your home ahead of time, that will be you!

By selling now, you may have an opportunity to be a non-contingent buyer during the Spring, when many more houses are on the market for less money. This will allow you to sell high and buy low.

Does this sound enticing enough for you? Let us know!

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