Tips for a quick home showing

When your house is on the market, you have to be ready at a moment’s notice for a home showing.

If a buyer is in the area and interested in your property, you want to capitalize on the emotion and interest. You don’t want to put it off until later, because that feeling might fade.

The major thing is to have your house ready – or close – at all times. You don’t always want to have to do four hours of cleaning ever time there is a showing. It takes upkeep and a strict following, but vacuuming every night or putting things away can help a quick showing come to fruition.

When that phone call comes for a quick showing, here are some tips to make your house ready quickly:


You want your house to be bright, open, and airy. You want the lights on and the drapes open. Every couple days, walk by with a rag and collect any dust and wipe any smudges there might be on the windows. Dirty windows do turn buyers off.

Pick up your clutter, as well. Living in a house produces stuff. Stuff on the table by the front door, stuff on the living room floor. Have a basket in each room, throw all the stuff into the basket and put the baskets in the car when you leave for the showing.


Your house should smell welcoming, not like a wet dog ran through every house. If buyers can’t get past the smell, they won’t linger to find the granite counter top. They also think that the smell comes with the house.

To combat that, use an air freshener around the house with clean smells, like vanilla. Heat up vanilla in the microwave while you are picking up the clutter in the living room. Do it far enough in advance so the smells aren’t overpowering.


Turn off the tv and music. You want to think peaceful and tranquil. Buyers should be able to hold conversations as they glide through your house. Plus, you never know what the buyer likes.


Make sure the temperature is comfortable. Think like Goldilocks, you want it just right. For an added ambiance in the winter, showcase that fireplace.


Make sure your buyers don’t have low blood sugar when touring and have a candy dish with a little note “thank you for visiting” or “take one and enjoy”.  We all know how we think when we are hungry.

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