This month in real estate: October 2013


Recent research reveals that first-home buyers throw their hats into the ring when three things are aligned:

-Current market conditions

-Financial readiness

-Location and price

All three are true. If a first-time home buyer only has two of the three above, it can be a long road for them.

If the buyers know the market is right and have found the home they want, but can’t afford it, they are sad.

If they have the money for a down payment in a location they prefer but it is a seller’s market, they might lose out. However, if the market is right and the buyer has the finances in order, a little patience will pay off for finding the right home within a specific location and price.

When it comes to helping first-timers, we know how. Give us a call!

La Crosse Fine Homes Group, LLC., of Keller Williams Realty



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