Exterior treatment


Many times, the inside of the house is what buyers want to see.

So, sellers fix up the kitchen with new cabinet hardware and remove all clutter from the mantel. They dust, vacuum, and clean until there is no more bleach in the county.

However, many times, they neglect the outside, the part that can make or break the deal.

A house can have the nicest kitchen, but if the garage isn’t up to snuff, buyers will wait.

Here are a couple places to keep in mind:


Fix any cracks in the sidewalk or steps. This is noticeable to a new set of eyes.

Mow the lawn/pull the weeds/shovel the snow. An unkempt lawn leads buyers to believe that other parts of the home aren’t well-maintained.


Refinish the wood if needed.

Declutter the patio furniture.

Pressure-wash the bricks, pavers, stones as well as the furniture that stays.

Exterior of house

Clean the windows. Buyers notice when only the inside has been cleaned. Hint: The window still looks dirty from the inside.

Fix trim and paint.

Look at hardware, including door handles and house numbers.


Organize the chaos. If buyers can’t get past the large amounts of boxes in garage, how will they be able to see the potential for a new workshop? Yes, you are getting ready to move, but tidy up.

Hang items on walls or have storage bins set up.

Anything that you found helpful or that we missed? Contact us!

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