Sellers getting a home inspection

PicsArt_1380655703199Some sellers want to get their property all shined up before listing it. New paint, new flooring, new flowers by the front door.

But, there are other things that might make their home more appealing. One of those might be a home inspection.

Negotiations on the original offer to purchase can take days or weeks if parties are going back and forth on price or closing costs. That’s before the home inspection is done and more negotiations need to take place on who will fix the roof and who will buy the smoke alarms.

Sellers who have a home inspection upfront also can identify those major problems that could potentially derail a sale. The sellers can take care of those repairs so that a potential buyer doesn’t have to feel as cautious about buying a property. Buying the home can be scary and buyers can be scared off if the inspection comes back with a major repair even if seller agrees to fix it.

An early inspection removes the unknowns and if a buyer is on the fence about the property, showing them the report might push them over into writing-an-offer land.

However, there are times when sellers might want to hold off on the home inspection. For example, if the house is new or if the market is a seller’s market, waiting might work.

If you have any questions about the home-selling process, contact us!

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